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TITLE:  Photographer/ Videographer for FestivAr, My Armenia Program

OPEN TO/ ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA:  Individual photographers and videographers

START DATE/ TIME:  01 February 2018

DURATION:  01 February 2018 - 30 September 2018

LOCATION:  Yerevan, Armenia

JOB DESCRIPTION:  My Armenia is seeking a Photographer/ Videographer for FestivAr, My Armenia Program, who will create photo and video documentation of Armenian festivals, which are members of FestivAr Association of Armenian Festivals (please, see the below attached "List of Festivals" file). Local festival organizers, FestivAr, and My Armenia will use the materials for a variety of purposes, including marketing and promotion.

- Create photo documentation for 17 festivals (please, see the below attached "List of Festivals" file). For each festival, produce 20 edited photo files showcasing the festival activities;
- Create a 2-minute video reel of each festival featuring ambient sound and music, highlighting the landscape, people (both festival participants and visitors) and the various activities;
- Create one master 4-minute reel, highlighting Armenia's festivals.

- Experience in providing services of similar scope and size;
- At least 5 years of experience in photo and video production;
- Experience of producing high quality content in rural areas of Armenia.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES:  All interested candidates can apply by sending their CV and photo and video portfolio to: .
Please clearly mention in your application letter that you learned of this job opportunity through Career Center and mention the URL of its website -, Thanks.

OPENING DATE:  20 December 2017


ABOUT COMPANY:  My Armenia, a joint partnership between USAID, the Smithsonian Institution, and the people of Armenia, harnesses the power of research, documentation, and storytelling to strengthen cultural sustainability through community-based tourism development. As outlined by USAID/ Armenia and the Smithsonian Institution, the primary goals of this 5-year program are to build cultural heritage tourism in Armenia so as to increase the number of tourist visits, increase spending and days stayed per tourist with an emphasis outside of the capital, and create new job opportunities for Armenians.


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