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TITLE:  iOS Software Engineer

TERM:  Full-time


DURATION:  Long-term

LOCATION:  Yerevan, Armenia

JOB DESCRIPTION:  As an iOS Software Engineer at Workfront, the candidate will work with the Company's Engineering team and partner with Product Management to take ideas for Workfront's products and turn them into realized features in their Work Experience Cloud platform. He/ she will work in an Agile environment and estimate assigned work, create OO designs, provide task breakdowns and implement features using Apple's Swift language with iOS SDK. The incumbent should have experience using REST API and Core Data.
As an iOS Software Engineer, he/ she will use his/ her coding skills to develop, test and release features assigned to him/ her and the software engineering team. The iOS Software Engineer will be challenged daily to solve problems, expand his/ her knowledge of the Workfront platform and the technologies that can be used to improve it continuously.

- Create new features using Workfront development technologies;
- Work with own team to plan his/ her sprint and take on tasks that will help the team succeed;
- Develop elegant solutions to complex problems;
- Troubleshoot problems and debug the system to expand own knowledge and expertise within the Company's platform;
- Work with the Company's QA and Product teams to show that his/ her solutions work as intended and he/ she is ready for the next challenge; 
- Participate in discussions with own team about what emerging tools, technologies and processes are coming that may impact how the Company improves its products and its SaaS platform in the future;
- At the end of release, as the rest of the Company is validating that, take some time to do some research, train in a new technology or even play a game – em, that is to participate in a team building exercise with own team.

- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent education or equivalent work experience;
- 1-3 years of programming experience or relevant education in languages and technology in use at Workfront (Swift, Objective-C, and iOS SDK);
- Understanding of Cocoa design patterns and API design;
- Ability to take a basic software engineering problem and present a solution with the ability to adjust the solution based on feedback;
- Ability to describe concepts and solutions using architecture patterns (MVC, Delegation, etc.);
- Conceptual understanding of design patterns and strategies;
- Desire to explore new technologies;
- Knowledge of and/ or experience in using Core Data concurrently; 
- Experience in building networking layer over native classes (NSURLSession, NSURLSessionDataTask, etc.);
- Ability to demonstrate fantastic communication skills that will help the candidate not only adapt and work well with a software engineering team but excel in a collaborative team environment;
- Desire and drive to take ownership of problems, deliver quality solutions, stand out from the pack and grow. 

APPLICATION PROCEDURES:  All the interested candidates who meet the requirements are welcomed to apply via: https://www.workfront.com/job/?gh_jid=974404 .
Please clearly mention in your application letter that you learned of this job opportunity through Career Center and mention the URL of its website - www.careercenter.am, Thanks.

OPENING DATE:  11 January 2018


ABOUT COMPANY:  Workfront Inc. is a cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solution company based in Utah.

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