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ArmSwissBank CJSC

About us:

“ArmSwissBak" CJSC was founded on 07 October 2004. The founder and sole shareholder of the bank is the founder, shareholder and CEO of the world-famous watch-making company "Franck Muller Watchland”, Vartan Sirmakes. In 2007 ArmSwissBak was given licenses by the Central Bank for brokerage (License N BG0064) and custody (License N PG0065) services. The Bank operates in three main directions, specializing in the provision of internationally accepted services of corporate, investment and private banking. Corporate banking includes not only provision of traditional services (payment services, lending, deposit schemes and trade finance), but also provision of non-traditional services, such as alternative financing, derivative instruments (forward, swap), factoring, financial consulting and other services. ArmSwissBak also performs operations with gold bullions on contract basis at international prices. Investment banking includes a wide range of services in debt instruments and other securities both in the local and foreign markets: from creation of individual securities portfolios, as well as collective investment schemes, to the rendering of asset management, brokerage and custody services and consulting on investment operations. ArmSwissBak offers its corporate clients securities underwriting services. ArmSwissBakis connected to local and international payment and information systems: BankMail, CBANet, SWIFT, Bloomberg, Reuters. For more information visit: