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About us:

Re-work’s mission is to create remote job opportunities filled with exciting fintech projects for IT talent from all around the world. Launched in 2021, we provide you with a chance to solve challenging business problems in collaboration with some of the best brains in the industry, using advanced tech stacks.

Being part of Re-work means working as a telecommuter, so you need to be good at self-motivation and time management. Remote collaboration with a global team will be part of your daily life. With these skills, you’ll match the flexibility that telecommuting brings with high productivity and dedication.

Join us to experience the liberation of working from wherever you choose.

Embrace the new normal.
We believe that you don’t need a desk to define you, or an office to motivate you. Rework is an innovative tech company that is jumping into the new normal by offering a remote career on a full-time scale, working with market leading fintech brands as well as the best talent from around the world.

No borders, no barriers, just tech talent.
We’re looking for all types of developers, operations engineers, and IT professionals to work on some exciting and challenging projects with leading fintech brands. Get the support of an international team and the freedom of a digital nomad.

The best part? We pay in cryptocurrency.
We’re not just forward-thinking in our model, we’re also forward-thinking when it comes to payments. We pay our contractors in a cryptocurrency of their choosing; giving them the freedom to move away from traditional banking and the constraints that come with it.