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(Last Updated: 2023-10-13 23:02)

We are happy to announce the beginning of our new Russian Language Courses. So whether you're just getting started, already know Russian and want to improve your skills, want to prepare for an exam or test, you can find the right course here. Our instructors help students learn Russian with the most innovative methods. Please note that due to Coronavirus the courses will be held online.

Career Center announces below mentioned Russian Language Courses:

GENERAL RUSSIAN COURSE (consisting a total of 6 levels with the duration of 3 months each):
- Beginner;
- Elementary;
- Pre-Intermediate;
- Intermediate;
- Upper-Intermediate;
- Advanced (Final).

SPECIALIZED COURSES (consisting a total of 3 levels with the duration of 3 months each):
- Business Russian - Pre-Intermediate
- Business Russian - Intermediate
- Business Russian - Upper-Intermediate (Final).

Business Russian Courses also cover Special Business Writing and Communication Classes.

Russian Language Course




- 4-6 (max) people in a group ensuring efficiency of the courses;
- Only highly qualified and certified language instructors selected by Career Center will teach interested individuals with the latest methods using the most decent study materials for each particular course;
- Our classes are conducted in Russian language only;
- Sessions will be held 3 times a week and each of those will last 1.5 hours.
- Classes are on from 09:00 till 22:00, Monday-Saturdays. The course hours are assigned to each group according to their designated time schedule.
- All students passing the final level course will get relevant certificates upon completion of their course. Certificates will match to the level of individual's knowledge determined by the final exam results.

Monthly membership fee for all Russian language courses is 28,000 AMD and 40,000 AMD for private courses. Please note that the complete fee of any level should be paid at the time of starting the classes. Registrations are accepted by e-mail. For additional inquiries on registration or courses please contact us using the mentioned contact information.


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Russian Language Courses