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Curato LLC

About us:

Curato LLC is distributor and official representative of Mirato Group S.p.A (brands – Clinians, Geomar, Glicemille, Malizia, Breeze, Intesa, Nidra, Splend’Or, Milmil, Figaro, Elidor, Strabilia, Perlax, Benefit) and Delitissue Sofidel Sp.zo.o (Regina paper) in Armenia for more than 10 years.

Mirato Group S.p.A. is one of the main protagonists in the Italian market for personal hygiene and beauty. It is among the leader in all the main segments of personal hygiene and hair care in which its brands are present. Delitissue Sofidel Sp.zo.o is an Italian manufacturer of high quality toilet paper, napkins and kitchen towels.