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About us:

“Derjava-S” CJSC is one of the largest importing companies in Armenia. Founded in 1995, the company introduced to Armenian consumers world-known and famous brands, such as “Mars” (USA), “Danone” (France), “Colgate – Palmolive” (USA), “Lacoste” (France), “RB” (UK). “Derjava-S” is the official representative of the above mentioned brands in Armenia.

We concentrate our attention on our consumers’ wishes and needs for many years, doing the best for keeping the Armenian market on the same level with the international consumer market trends. As a representative organization - “Derjava-S” CJSC aimed to bring internationally recognized brands to Armenia. We cooperate with reliable partners and our values and main goal have one direction - not to let the Armenian consumer search for a qualitative product abroad. This direction charges us with the great wish to always search for new collaborations with international giant brands.

Our Mission & Goals

1) Bringing internationally recognized brands to Armenia

2) Keeping Armenian market with the international consumer market trends

3) Producing high quality products

4) Providing best services

Our values determine who we are. We define ourselves as a “Derjava” empire controlled by the Customer emperor.

Derzhava S