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About us: – is an information reference resource, which offers systemized, detailed and complete information on the goods and services, the organizations representing them as well as the prices offered. All this happens at a very short period of time! We care about your time, and to save your time we have combined all information necessary to you and the contact details of private and governmental organizations operating in the various spheres. Namely: recreation and tourism, service, trade, credits, contact, communications, freight forwarding, manufacturing, immovable property, education, media products, publishing price-list of offered goods and types of services, brief description, location, contact details and other information on the organizations and enterprises All this information is presented on our continuously updating database. Minimum investment of time and all information you need will become available to you. uses all advantages of internet technologies. Free internet access at any time and from any PC connected to the internet. Fast search within the context of the goods and services, full information and easy access to it. The site offers specially developed search system which significantly facilitates the receipt of the searched information. Being a reference – information resource, is open for the users from all regions of Armenia and abroad. Estimate the number and the width of the auditorium to which your price list will be accessible on, plus the services offered to you and your buyers and you will estimate the benefit of cooperation with our project. To become a participant of our project, it is necessary to get registered on Visit our site and you will get comprehensive information on the organization which interest you! We are glad to inform you that we further plan to enlarge the scope of services we offer both at national and at an international level.