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ONEArmenia NGO Տեղական ՀԿ

ONEArmenia NGO Տեղական ՀԿ Տեղական ՀԿ

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ONEArmenia, or 1A for short, is a for-purpose organization based in Yerevan and Los Angeles that since 2012 has raised over $7 million to support socio-economic projects in rural Armenia. Our sustainable and transparent projects in agriculture, tech and tourism have all had one goal — accelerate job creation and give local people the opportunity to improve their standard of living.
Now, we’re switching gears to introduce Armenia to the world as an alluring destination for experience travel while staying true to our values and goal of creating fair employment opportunities for local people.
Our vision is an Armenia that transforms the souls of travelers with experiences that combine the country’s age-old traditions with modern sensibility. Our mission is to elevate Armenia’s best cultural, environmental, adventure and wellness experiences to world-class standards, and make them accessible to travelers seeking transformation.

ONEArmenia NGO Տեղական ՀԿ