5 Ways for Foreigners to Find Jobs in Armenia

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Are you a foreigner and looking for a job in Armenia? Here, top five steps to lead to success.

But before starting our journey, let's figure out why do you need to work in Armenia:

  • Environment Adaptation! 

The best way to adapt to a new environment in a new country is to work with natives. It helps you better to understand locals' mindset, jokes, and behavior in different life situations.

  • Exploring a New Culture and Habit!

Interacting with a new culture and habit enriches your life experience and knowledge.

  • New Friends are Always a Good Idea!

Working abroad is always a great chance to find new friends and new relations. 

Now, let's see the top 5 ways to find a job for foreign citizens.

Let's get started!

#1 Exam the Legal Part!

The very first thing that is required is studying the employment laws and procedures for foreign citizens in Armenia. In general, all job opportunities are equal for locals and foreigners. But for the updated and detailed information check the Law of the Republic of Armenia on Foreigners.

#2 Don't Skip Networking!

The most effective way to find a job in Armenia is networking. Involve the circle of your contacts. Check and take part in all offline/offline business meetups. Today, "Hanging Up" with the "Right" people is the key to meeting the target.

#3 Job Platform is a MUST!

In Armenia, there is a wild variety of online job platforms. Create your online CV and regularly apply. This point will help you to understand the market offers and requirements better, and be prepared.

This point is more for those who already know Armenian or English.

#4 Update Your Knowledge and Skills!

Never give up on developing skills and learning. Take part in different courses, classes. Such kinds of events will help you increase your knowledge base and become part of employment programs, which are mainly offered at the end of the courses.

#5 Become an Entrepreneur!

Here is the best one! Do your own business and become an entrepreneur. 

Explore your talents and make the people know about them. Maybe you are a great chef or tailor. Just make your first step. If you аre an expert in any craft, you are doomed to succeed! 

To Conclude.

Here are the top 5 ways to find or get a promotion at work a job in Armenia if you are a foreigner: study the local laws of employment on foreign citizens, be active in networking and communication, use online job platforms to make the process easy and fast, update and involve your skills, and last but not least - create your own.


Last updated on: Nov 03, 2023 11:31
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