How to Get a Work Promotion?

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Often, many employees can work hard for a long time, but they don't get any professional promotion.

Let's discuss and find out how you can turn fate to your side.

Here are 3 steps to get a promotion at work.

Let's see each of them!

Your Pros & Cons!

Sometimes, it may seem to us that we work hard and don't get our deserved rewards. But indeed, we're dreaming and speaking more than doing our job. We offer you to evaluate your job. This step will help you better understand your actual cons, and work on them for better results.

Talk with the Boss.

When you've already shortlisted your cons and pros, it's time to talk with the employer. But remember the golden rule that says: "All bosses hate complaints and love solutions." In other words, make him/her remember you as a problem solver, not a maker.

Be Initiative!!

Օften people are ashamed to "remind" the HR team about his/her professional ambitions. In this case, the timidity is not appropriate.

All employers appreciate it. Why? Let's break it down!

When you express yourself, it means you're taking responsibility for your job and ready for the next level. It's an indicator that you're a responsible person, and they can trust you with a superior position. 

More is Better than Less!

Always do more than expected. It implies you need to show working capacity. Each time, doing a little more than required, you will begin to excel at work. But do not overdo, because by defining a higher bar, you may fail, which will have the opposite effect. So, know the limits of your abilities.

Rely on Yourself!

Last but not least, be independent. What does it mean? To understand it, let's see a simple situation at work. Suppose you get an assignment from your supervision on a new product. Instead of bothering your manager with questions like "What is it?" or "How does it work?", just do your own research on it. First, it will help you to know the product better. Second, you will be ready to demonstrate your knowledge on the subject at the "right" moment. Trust, your supervision will value it.

All these points are acceptable for both - office workers and freelancers.

To conclude: 

Here are the top rules you need to follow to get a promotion at work: always work on your cons, face to face conversation with the boss is a good idea, being initiative is a must, do more than expected, be independent at work.



Last updated on: Nov 03, 2023 11:19
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